Shure SLX14/93 Lavalier Wireless System ไมโครโฟนไร้สาย ไมค์ลอย แบบหนีบปกเสื้อ

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Product Description

Shure SLX14/93 Lavalier Wireless System ไมโครโฟนไร้สาย ไมค์ลอย แบบหนีบปกเสื้อ
ประกอบด้วย SHURE SLX1 Bodypack Transmitter (เครื่องส่งพกพาติดตัว) 1 ตัว , SHURE SLX4 Diversity Receiver (ตัวรับสัญญาณไมค์) 1 ตัว , SHURE WL93 Series Subminiature Lavalier Microphones (ไมค์แบบหนีบปกเสื้อ) 1 ตัว

Configuration Details

The SLX14/93 Lavalier Wireless System is part of the SLX wireless systems family.

SLX® Wireless Systems are powerful wireless tools that can be set up quickly and used confidently by installers and working bands. Features include auto frequency scan with transmitter setup, exceptional wireless clarity, and Shure patented Audio Reference Companding.

Includes WL93 lavalier microphone, SLX1 bodypack transmitter, SLX4 receiver, tie clip, rackmount kit, two 1/4 wave antennas, power supply, 2 AA batteries, protective bumpers with 8 screws, vinyl bag, and user guide.


SLX1  Bodypack Transmitter
Wireless Bodypack Transmitter. Designed for adverse conditions. Eight hours battery life, 300 ft. range.

SLX4  Diversity Receiver
Single-channel Diversity Receiver with optional logic output. Up to 42 compatible systems (multi-band).

WL93  Series Subminiature Lavalier Microphones
Wireless micro-miniature lavalier mic provides full, clear sound.