Stork Studio Master Trumpet Mouthpiece ปากเป่าทรัมเป็ต สตอร์ค รุ่นสตูดิโอมาสเตอร์

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Product Description

Stork Studio Master Trumpet Mouthpiece ปากเป่าทรัมเป็ต สตอร์ค รุ่นสตูดิโอมาสเตอร์
ปากเป่าทรัมเป็ต สตอร์ค รุ่นสตูดิโอมาสเตอร์ ออกแบบเพื่อให้ทางเลือกที่หลากหลาย เพื่อที่จะหาจุดสมดุลย์ของแรงต้านที่ดีที่สุดระหว่างผู้เล่น กับเครื่องดนตรี เพื่อที่จะได้อัตราความเร็วลมที่มากที่สุดในคีย์สูงๆ มีหลักการห้าอย่างเพื่อจะให้บรรลุดังกล่าว คือความยาว, ความลึกของคัพ, รูปร่างของคัพ, บอร์, และแบ็คบอร์

The Studio Master Series offers a wide range off options all designed to find the optimum balance of resistance between the player and his equipment to achieve maximum air velocity in the upper register. There are Five Major Elements that we manipulate in order to achieve this balance.  Overall length, cup depth and shape,  bore and back bore.
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Model Overall Length Backbore Bore Cup
LT 3.285 very tight #28 very shallow
LD 3.140 tight #27
LX 3.140 tight #27
LTV 3.285 very tight #28 shallow/more bowl
XV 3.140 tight #27
LDV 3.140 large #27
SP (trpt) 3.275 tight #27 shallow/”C” shape
SP (crnt) 2.800 tight #27
LTS 3.285 very tight #28 medium shallow
XS 3.140 tight #27
LDS 3.140 large #27
VMS 3.310 large #27 shallow “V” shape
XMS 3.310 tight #27
VM 3.310 large #27 medium shallow “V”
XM 3.310 tight #27
FLS Standard medium #22 deep “V”
FL Standard medium #18 very deep “V”
Each model is available in 4 different inner diameters:
Model Rim Cup Diameter
2 semi-wide 17.75mm
4 standard 16.5mm
6 semi-wide 16.25mm
10 semi-wide 15.25mm

The LT, LTV, and LTS models offer extra resistance for those players who like the feeling of “something to push against.” Choose the cup depth that best accommodates your personal needs allowing for adequate room for free vibration and sound production.

The LD, LDV, and LDS models are really “wide open” pieces in three different cup depths. These models favor those players who may have wanted to use a shallow mouthpiece in the past, but felt they never could get enough air into them.

The SP model is intended for use on the piccolo trumpet. Even though the cup is shallow, it still has plenty of “bowl” to help warm the sound. These models are available in either trumpet or corner shank.

The VM and VMS models are preferred “crossover” pieces. These models are great favorites among players doing “Pops” concerts, stage shows and musicals.

The LX, XV, XS, XMS, and XM models feature the same cup choices as those models above of the same shank length, but with a tighter backbore. While these models are still freer blowing than most shallow mouthpiece designs, they offer just a bit more resistance than their counterpart models.