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Product Description


Powermax® 2 Ultra White Crimplock®

The Powermax® 2 Ultra White Bass drumheads feature optimum tone control, attack and low-end projection with an Ultra White finish. Constructed with 2-plies of 7-mil Ultra White film with an internal inlay ring, Powermax® 2 Ultra White Bass drumheads feature a free-floating muffling ring with a Bottom White Dot for outstanding projection and durability. The high-tension Crimplock® hoop provides a wider tuning range and increased stability. Ideal for all Marching Bass drum applications. Available in sizes 14″ – 32″.

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Size: เลือกขนาด:

14″ สิบสี่นิ้ว, 16″ สิบหกนิ้ว, 18″ สิบแปดนิ้ว, 20″ ยี่สิบนิ้ว, 22″ ยี่สิบสองนิ้ว, 24″ ยี่สิบสี่นิ้ว, 26″ ยี่สิบหกนิ้ว, 28″ ยี่สิบแปดนิ้ว