Pearl Championship Marching Snare Drum FFX-1412 กลองมาร์ชชิ่งสแนร์ 14 นิ้ว

49,500.00 ฿


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Product Description

Pearl Championship Marching Snare Drum FFX-1412 กลองมาร์ชชิ่งสแนร์ 14 นิ้ว

Color, design, sound–the Pearl Championship FFX Marching Snare has led the pack since 1990, and their latest model is the most innovative yet. Featuring the new One Touch Snare System, this model is two pounds lighter. The guts are allen/hex key adjustable and the snares can be turned off quickly and quietly. The old square badge has been replaced with a new oval badge to create a uniform look across all of Pearl’s marching drums. New varsity color options are available as well to create stunning looks and to match your school or corps colors.

  • 6 Ply Maple Shell
  • Fully Free Floating Design
  • Super Light-Weight Polished Airplane Aluminum Hardware and Hoops
  • One Touch Snare System
  • 16 Strand Gut Snares, Individually tunable
  • Stock Wrap Finishes: #33 White, #46 Midnight
  • Stock Lacquer Finish: #360 Silver Sparkle Lacquer
  • Varsity Finishes available by special order
  • 3-Year warranty on drum shells
  • 1 Year Warranty on hardware