Black Swamp Spectrum Triangle Beater Set (6 with Case) SPSET-2 แบล็คสแวม ไม้ตีไทรแองเกิ้ล

6,400.00 ฿


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Product Description

Black Swamp Spectrum Triangle Beater Set (6 with Case) SPSET-2 Double (pair SPEC1 SPEC2 SPEC3) แบล็คสแวม ไม้ตีไทรแองเกิ้ล

The Black Swamp SPSET-2 Spectrum Triangle Beater set includes a double set of the 3 models of Spectrum Beaters. Includes two each of the SPEC1 (light), SPEC2 (medium), SPEC3 (heavy) and a Black Swamp Triangle Beater bag.

SPEC1 Light 1/4″ – For lighter musical situations.
SPEC2 Medium 5/16″ – For a majority of musical situations.
SPEC3 Heavy 3/8″ – For a full sound and louder dynamics.

Spectrum triangle beaters are the finest end-weighted beaters available. The solid bronze ends are CNC machined, then highly polished and permanently attached to a stainless steel handle. The rubber grip reduces vibration and increases both control and comfort during performance. Because the actual beater surface is over 1″ long, you can also perform corner rolls at an angle, which produces a fuller sounding roll.